Hi my name is Toby Brotman. I am an 82 year old lady. I have three married daughters, one of whom lives in New Paltz, New York, and 5 grandchildren. I was diagnosed with advanced malignant melanoma in February 2019 while I was on vacation in Florida. My nephew Dr. Neill Iscoe a Toronto oncologist wanted me to be treated specifically at Princess Margaret. He set it up for me. I had two successful surgeries by Dr. Laframboise in the groin area one on the right side and a couple of months later one on the left side. I was put on immunotherapy for a few months. The melanoma regrew in the exact same spot where I had the surgery. I was then put on targeted therapy in September 2019. Very successful. I have a CT scan of pelvis abdomen and thorax every three months. I get blood work done at PMH every four weeks followed by a virtual oncologist visit. I had a brain MRI in July where they found three lesions in my brain. Now I have a brain MRI done every three months. I am checked very carefully and the report comes into my UHN followed by a virtual visit, amazing . My care under Dr. David Hogg which was begun in May 2019 has been excellent. I feel well. I walk 45 minutes every day. I swim. I play golf. I see my kids and grandkids for dinners outside at their homes every Friday. I meet up with relatives and friends for lunches outdoors on patios. I attend lectures and play on line games such as canasta and mahjongg. I have been playing canasta on a friends porch every Monday. I play Mahjongg outside at different friends homes every Thursday. I enjoy every day. I’m very active. I plan to do one nice thing every day. I have routines set up. Glad to be alive. When I have a health problem I call the nursing line. The attention I get there has been excellent. As an example on Wednesday I called the nursing line as I was feeling weak and tired. The RN questioned me on my symptoms then called my doctor who told me to get my blood work done the following day. I did that in the morning of the very next day. I received a call from the doctor at 3:00 pm same day that the blood work was done showing that my thyroid was low. That’s why I was feeling weak and tired. I was prescribed medication for my thyroid. How quick and amazing a response was that. I’m in the best of hands. If I need anything he refers me to the right doctors. I don’t need to worry and can carry on happily with my life and enjoy my busy schedule as my doctor looks after me so well. I live very close to the hospital at St. George subway station. I walk there and back counting my steps getting in my exercise at the same time.