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Your support saves lives and gives hope.

Hearing “you have cancer” is frightening. Even though cancer research in recent years has improved treatments and outcomes, everyone who hears these words feels instantly vulnerable. Thanks to supporters like you, The Princess Margaret gives every patient more than hope.

At The Princess Margaret, compassionate care is underpinned by Future Care Now, a commitment to deliver the very best treatments available today, while accelerating discovery of tomorrow’s breakthroughs through research at The Princess Margaret and across our global network.

Your support accelerates the cancer research, education and clinical care benefiting patients at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, across Canada, and around the world. By driving to create and deliver Future Care Now, you are helping to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

Patient Care

Enabling Future Care Now means challenging traditional models of care to create space for new possibilities. For patients, this means accessing state-of-the-art care when, where and how they choose. When you support The Princess Margaret, you support this goal in so many ways including our redevelopment of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.


Together, we are creating new standards of care through a fierce commitment to research. Our scientists work tirelessly in the lab to bring their innovations directly to patients in our top-rated clinical trials program.

Clinical Trials

With the help of supporters like you, The Princess Margaret clinical trials explore new ways to treat cancer or other diseases. An important area of focus is testing new therapies so patients can live longer and better.

Education & Training

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre provides a rich environment for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate trainees in medicine, nursing, radiation therapy and other healthcare specialities. Training is delivered across the clinical disciplines of pathology, imaging, surgical oncology, radiation medicine, oncology nursing, medical oncology, psychosocial oncology and palliative care, as well as survivorship and patient education.


Immunotherapy is rapidly gaining recognition for its potential to change the way we treat cancer and to join chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as a fourth pillar of cancer treatment. We have already seen numerous success stories of cancers fought and lives extended through immunotherapy. Together, we can conquer cancer in our lifetime to benefit generations to come.

“It’s tough on the family now because they always see me as a role model of a healthy person, and then they saw me diagnosed with cancer. But I think it brings them a bit of a confidence, seeing how strong I’ve been through the ordeal and the treatment I get here at The Princess Margaret.”

Anthony Cella 

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