At the beginning of 2000 I developed a severe pneumonia. I was seen at TWH Family Practice many times with many chest X-rays and was referred to a respirologist at TGH. After 8 months a CT scan was ordered, followed promptly by a lung biopsy. The reason given for my not being referred for a CT scan earlier was that I was a life long non-smoker and cancer was not suspected. I was referred to Dr. Gail Darling who did a partial pneumonectomy at TGH that Sept. The diagnosis was Stage 3b bronchoalveolar carcinoma, I then was followed by Dr. Darling at Princess Margaret for regular CT scans. In April 2002 I had a completion pneumonectomy after more tumours had developed. I was again followed regularly by Dr. Darling with CT scans at Princess Margaret. After a diagnosis of stage 3 b lung cancer over 20 years ago I am cancer free. I will be forever grateful for the care I received at Princess Margaret and the UHN. A very special thanks to Dr. Darling for her surgical expertise and even more for her constant positive support over the many years she remained my Guardian Angel.
My hope is that research will be able to find the causes of non-smoke related lung cancers which seem to occur more in women than men.