Florence Gibbons was only at The Princess Margaret for one day and one night but it was a time she will remember forever. Sitting in Palliative Care at the bedside of her partner of 47 years, Florence remembers the experience like it was yesterday. “The caring, gentle and kind staff made Barbara so comfortable,” recalls Florence. “Barbara couldn’t have asked for any better treatment in her last hours, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better for her. I will always thank The Princess Margaret for her peaceful passing.”

To honour Barbara’s life and give hope to those battling cancer today, Florence donates monthly to The Princess Margaret. She has also left a gift in her Will. “It was very simple to do,” says Florence who hopes her legacy gift will help advance research to find a cure. “I think The Princess Margaret is the foremost hospital for cancer research. There’s a feeling of caring and wanting to find a cure. I believe cancer will be conquered…eventually, with the help of donor support.”

Asked what she would tell others considering a gift in their Will, Florence responds without hesitation, “Do it. Give. There’s not one of us that isn’t affected by cancer. Whether your donation is small or large, it’s appreciated, and so well spent.”

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