In 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ductal carcinoma breast cancer after finding a small lump. I had a mammogram in Oct of the previous year but it was clear. The following June I was diagnosed. I asked to be treated at PMH. My doctor was not affiliated with PMH but I insisted on going there. I had a lumpectomy with chemo and radiation. I was terrified as my mom had breast cancer at age 45 but then died from pancreatic cancer 8 years later. This June it will be 8 years I am cancer free.
I received great care from PMH and believe they saved my life.
My hope for the future is that better screening will be available, either in the form of a blood test or something not yet thought of. Also hoping that the cause(s)of cancer will be become clearer enabling people to better adjust lifestyle to combat it. The following year I walked in the PMH 60 km weekend walk with friends who had been walking it for years. It was a great experience and very glad I did it. I have lost my mother, sister and brother from cancer, all under the age of 52, and I am hell bent on beating it!! Cancer bit me but I bit back harder!