The mere diagnosis of a life-threatening disease such as stage IIIC clear cell carcinoma of the ovary, in 2004, significantly impacted my quality of life and taught me what is the best perspective of life.

In 2005, I was treated with 4 cycles of neodajuvant CARBOPLATIN and TAXOL, in the Gynecology Oncology Program Clinic at PMCF, under the care of Dr. Jason Dodge. This was followed up by delayed primary debulking surgery by Dr. DiPetrello; and a further 2 cycles of CARBOPLATIN and TAXOL, followed by adjuvent pelvic radiation therapy under the care of Dr. Wilfred Levine.

My treatment completed in September 2005. Until August 2015, I continued to attend regularly at PMCF, and being 10 years out in remission, they gave me an honourable discharge.

2021 marks 17 years anniversary since my first treament at PMCF. I learned to have the “Best Perspective on Life” now.

I still attend at the Breat Imaging Clinic for Mammograms, regularly.

All the Oncologists, Nursing Staff, Laboratory Technicians, Chemo-Bed Nursing Staff, the Administrative Staff, and the Auxiliary Volunteers at PMCF, are most awesome, kind, gentle, caring always. They do a lot of ‘hand holding’ with understanding and allayed my fears. I count myself fortunate to have received exceptional care by these wonderful Medical Professional Specialists at PMCF.