At the age of 56, I became gravely ill. I’d assumed that my back pain was the result of potentially having tendinitis and had been ignoring a number of symptoms for at least 6 months. My back pain dragged on, became severe and made it hard to keep up with my daily routine. It was at that time my family Doctor insisted I go for a MRI scan. In August 2017 a series of tests were ordered by my Doctor and 24 hours later I was diagnosed with Metastatic Lung Cancer.
My initial reaction to this devastating news was shock and disbelief and I pleaded, “Why me”. I did not have much time.

Initially, my treatment had begun at South Lake Hospital’s Cancer Centre in New Market. At this point, I had already lost movement of my body and unable to stand. My first request to the team at South Lake was to restore my mobility so that I would have the strength to fight this terrible disease called “CANCER” . With the help of targeted radiation and pain killers, the team at South Lake fulfilled my request. By end of August, 2017, my mobility was restored.

On 31/8/2017, my oncologist at South Lake diagnosed me with “Adenocarcinoma”. It was at this time that I opted to be treated at Princess Margaret Hospital.

I began my treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital in September 2017. I was schedule to meet the Messiah who would not only show me comfort but also provide me with hope that I would be treated and eventually healed. The Messiah was none other than Dr. Natasha Leighl. Before I met her, I was told that I had advanced Lung Cancer with a predicted survival of 3-6 months. Dr. Leighl educated me on the benefits of Immunotherapy and targeted therapy. I credit my resilience, faith in my Creator and family support for bringing me to Princess Margaret Hospital where my hope was restored and CONFIRMED.

At this time, I must say my ongoing commitment to my healing bore fruit. It is now three and half years later and I am thriving, able to travel and get back to life as I knew it. I feel like myself once again.

My journey of healing is possible because of the immense cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital and their excellent patient care.

Thank you and GOD BLESS ALL THE RESEARCHERS, ONCOLOGISTS, NURSES, SUPPORT STAFF for making my life comfortable and keep me away from misery.

Mazahair Dhirani