My father, Antonio Di Placito was diagnosed with stage 3 right lung cancer in 2006. PMH jumped into action! Dr. Darling was his oncologist, who was a true angel! Following a lobectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy, my father was treated. Unfortunately, in 2008, my father was again diagnosed with lung cancer – this time stage 2 in left lung. This time he underwent a partial lobectomy along with more chemo and radiation. PMH was there the entire step of the way, making sure my father survived yet another time. Unbelievably, in 2012, my father was once again diagnosed with cancer – this time stage 2 squamous cell in the throat just above the voice box. Dr. Goldstein and his team at PMH were in charge of his care. The fight this time was much harder – far worse treatment side effects. Regardless PM refused to give up and continued to support my father and our family. It’s not every day where a person survives cancer 3 different times! The determination and efforts of PMH made all the difference. Our hope for the future is for PMH to continue attributing 100% to conquering cancer – to continue staying one step ahead of this disease, catching it early and saving lives.